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What is the true cost of car maintenance?

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What is the true cost of car maintenance?

Do you know, that your car needs a routine maintenance in order to operate consistently, safely, and effectively.

Regular oil changes ensure that vital engine components are properly lubricated, improving performance, fuel efficiency, and lifespan.

Tire rotation and replacement when needed maintains your vehicle firmly attached to the road and improves safety, particularly during inclement weather.

Additionally, brake pad and rotor maintenance guarantees that you have the stopping force required to drive safely on all kinds of roadways.

But how much does routine maintenance cost on average each year?

Let’s examine the typical cost of vehicle maintenance and how much you may expect to pay.

When your car is talking, listen

We all know that our body requires water, food, regular exercise, and relaxation in order to function at its peak, just as your car does.


Manufacturers recommend certain maintenance schedules for changing your car’s wear and tear components, such as the engine oil, air filters, spark plugs, and other things. Your automobile will run smoothly if you adhere to the instructions in your owner’s manual.


The numerous parts of your engine are lubricated by motor oil, which keeps them operating smoothly in hot weather and challenging driving situations. The range of recommended oil changes by automakers (usually 5,000-10,000 miles).

What is the true cost of car maintenance? - JANESdiary
What is the true cost of car maintenance? – JANESdiary

Regular oil changes can guarantee your engine to operate steadily because an average oil deteriorates over time.

What is the true cost of car maintenance?

What makes car tires a good one?.

  • They must always be in good condition because they go on the road frequently.

Tires not only offer traction in a variety of weather conditions, but they also cushion impacts and improve fuel efficiency when inflated properly.

Tires function better and wear less quickly when they are regularly rotated and inflated to the proper air pressure. Installing a fresh set of tires helps restore your vehicle’s traction and safety once the tires finally hit the wear bars.


And Of course, other components will eventually wear out and require replacement. Watch out for your car’s air filters, wiper blades, different belts, and brake pads and rotors.


Multipoint checks reveal any potential issue in any area on your vehicle, allowing you to repair or swap out certain parts. The brake pads, hoses, belts, wipers, air filters, and other parts are frequently inspected. You can either take your automobile to a shop for repairs or, if you’re up to the challenge, conduct a multipoint DIY inspection yourself.


Average expenses of car maintenance

The price of car maintenance varies depending on the brand, model, and auto shop you use.

changing of oil range in price from $20 to $100, with synthetic oil being more expensively required for premium and performance vehicles.


Tire rotations are inexpensive, costing $20 to $50 on average.


The price of a multipoint check varies depending on a number of variables, including the type of automobile, the repair shop you go to, and the level of information you require.


In addition to these regular duties, you may need to replace certain parts.


The typical price of a new tire might be anything between $50 and $300. Truck, SUV, and high-performance tires are examples of specialty tires that typically cost more.


An inexpensive strategy to maintain performance and keep your engine healthy is to replace the air filter on your car. Automakers typically advise replacing air filters every 20,000-60,000 miles, typically. from $20 to $75.


In all types of weather, wiper blades keep your windshield clear, allowing you to see the road clearly and drive safely. It makes sense to replace them for $7–$15 every 6–12 months.


The brake pads degrade slightly each time your car stops. Safety on the road is ensured by replacing them as necessary. At a cost of $100 to $350, brake pad replacement is often necessary every 30,000 to 50,000 miles.

What is the true cost of car maintenance?

Various brands’ maintenance costs

Vehicles have unique maintenance requirements and average maintenance costs because they are made of various designs and materials.

It’s vital to keep in mind that depending on the type and model, the cost of maintaining a car might vary greatly. These are the typical maintenance expenditures for specific brands throughout a year.


  • BMW – $17,800
  • $12,900 for a Mercedes-Benz.
  • Ford – $9,100
  • Kia – $8,800
  • $8,800 for a Chevrolet
  • $7,800 for Volkswagen
  • Honda – $7,200
  • $5,500 for Toyota

The typical cost of owning a car

Aside from the manufacturer, annual costs for various car categories vary.


The 2019 “Your Driving Prices” study by AAA examined nine different vehicle models and determined the annual ownership cost based on a number of variables, including gasoline costs, insurance costs, maintenance costs, fees, car payments, tires, and depreciation.


According to the survey, the following nine car models have the following annual ownership costs for drivers who log 15,000 miles annually and have full coverage auto insurance:


  • A compact car – $7,114
  • $7,736 for a hybrid
  • Energy: $8,320
  • SUV-small: $8,394
  • $8,634 for a medium sedan
  • Cargo van: $10,036
  • Small SUV: $10,625
  • $10,403 for a large sedan
  • $10,839 for pickup
Why is car maintenance important?

The importance of car maintenance

In the long run, routine maintenance helps avoid serious issues, expensive repairs, and even dangerous breakdowns. For instance, failing to change the oil can result in serious engine issues, and having worn tires or brakes poses a serious safety risk.

Additionally, if you neglect your car, it will age more quickly and lose value if you ever decide to sell it.


After all, getting to work, collecting up the kids from school, and maintaining a social life all require a reliable vehicle. In order for you to know exactly what to watch out for when you bring your car into the workshop, kindly read up.


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